Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tim Holtz weekend in Roswell

Time is zipping by and I still haven't post pics of the most incredible classes I have ever taken ... Tim Holtz. After reading my friend's Cheryl's blog about this weekend I realized that she put into words exactly how I felt ... so head on over there and take a look at her pics and read about our wonderful journey with Tim ...

Here are a few pictures ...

The fabulous talented & funny gal Cheryl, so glad we got to know each other!

The gang with Tim ... Rochelle, Cindy, me, Shay, Cheryl & Marilyn

Shay getting some one on one time with Tim ... I don't think she is hearing a word he is saying!

Tim realizes I'm snapping pictures and strikes a pose ... Shay's heart is beating quite rapidly!
Of course I have to show me with the man of the hour!
Here are the wonderful things we created!
Here's the whole class, I had to swipe the photo from Tim since I didn't have one!

I have tons of pictures of Tim, but this one is by far my favorite!
Well that's my quick journey of my weekend, time to get back to work!
Class samples arriving soon ...

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