Sunday, March 25, 2012

Out of my comfort zone ...

Yesterday there was a surprise birthday party for Cheryl Valadez. So of course I had to make something with her being a fellow (and wildly talented ) paper artist!
Cheryl loves many things, one being Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead!
So out of my comfort zone!
Well my daughter came home munching on a chocolate bar and I glanced at the wrapper ...
I exclaimed where did you get that! She recovers from the shock of my outburst and replies a convenience store near school! Well I buy a few boxes (different sizes) and I send her off with one box in each size and my credit card and tell her to buy chocolates ... fill the boxes, make sure you get at least one of each flavor ...
So next I'm challenged with decorations, do a google search for images, not thrilled with the quality of the print. Sami says it could be my printer which I have no patience for. Borrow stamps, email Renee, she brings a basketful ... my mojo must be on vacation cus' nothing is happening. Then I realized there is one bar of chocolate that doesn't fit into the boxes ... the graphic that originally caught my eye!
So after much belaboring, I'm not used to having to work so hard to create, here is the finished project.

Way out of my comfort zone ...
well girlfriend, I hope you enjoy my meager attempt at embellishing, but more so I hope you enjoy the chocolates, which I happen to know you do love all things chocolate!
Hope your birthday is wonderful, enjoy your day!

3/27/2012 class @CP2

Renee asked for it so here you go a side step card!
(please ask if there is something you would like to do in class!)

Here's the one we did back in September 2010, the step was off to one side.
Today we will be doing a double side step card, a step on each side.
This is the closed view above and opened below.

Regular class kit including a black edger, pen or ink pad.
Also today we will celebrate the Mach birthdays featuring
Sue R., Jerri & Sylvia
snacks catered by the one and only Renee!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

3/20/2012 class @CP2

Oh my, after such a beautiful week, the March winds have arrived! I'll be glad to stay home and play ... really any excuse works for me!

So for all you Vagabond owners, have you seen this?
What fun, let's get Albuquerque on the Sizzix map!

OK, you want to see this weeks card, so here we go ...
I just fell in love with these clown fish from a vendor at the convention ...
we will also be embossing acetate to go over the colored image, kinda cool in real life ...
on to the coloring!
I used good ol' sharpies, these are from one of those large sets from Sam's club, I used two shades of orange and yellow. So dig through your stash and bring your copics, tombows, sharpies ... what ever markers you have and you won't have to wait on my set!
In addition to your regular class kit please bring
(yup you guessed it)
markers and a black paint pen!

March Birthday Celebration
will be 3/27
Sue R.
Jerri O.

See you all Tuesday, enjoy the rest of you weekend.
Don't forget Tim's Creative Chemistry 101 starts this Monday, hope to see you there!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

3/13/2012 class @CP2

Haha, I remembered to post this week ... my mind must be returning!
It was wonderful to see everyone at the rubber stamp convention, as I told my husband I needed to make a donation so the vendors keep coming back ... hope you donated also!
As always one of the best things is seeing those folks you haven't seen in a while, catching up and chatting is exhausting! It was fun!
On to Tuesday's card, the background is the technique we will be learning.
I was going for that aged patina look!
Along with you usual class kit include if you have it ...
Vintage Photo distress ink
foam and handle
foam tape
strong adhesive
sanding block
edge distresser or scissor

enjoy the rest of your weekend *Ü*

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thank You

A big thank you to Elizabeth at Scraps Galore for providing a temporary home for the Tuesday class while China Phoenix was being repaired after the fire. It is wonderful how the crafting community supports one another. Just a little something to show our appreciation!

3/6/2012 class @CP2

Sorry everyone, I could have sworn I posted today's card ... needless to say it was a rough weekend ...
This is a small round note card.
If you see this before class, please bring in addition to your regular class kit,
water brush or blender pen
gold paint pen
See you in a couple hours *Ü*

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Q&E cards @ Scraps Galore 3/17/2012

I'm back again ... twice in one day!
Well it's been a productive day, actually two days got all the housework done yesterday ...
anyway here are the Quick & Easy cards for this month, March 17,
meet me at Scraps Galore and wear your green, tee hee!
Call 858 1080 to reserve your spot.

Tim Holtz online class

I wanted to share this link to an online class taught by non other than the fabulous Mr. Holtz. Nice thing is once you purchase the class you will always have access to the lessons, whether you can't participate on a daily basis or you just need to refer back ... it's always there. Yes I have signed up and hope to be able to participate. if not I figure I have a great reference for classes!
So here you go, the info ...