Monday, March 7, 2016

Unique Gifts - Saturday April 9, 2016

Unique Gifts - Blue Sky Cards
Saturday April 9
10:30 am - 3:30pm
cost $40

In this fast paced class (for any skill level crafter)
 you will decorate a full deck of playing cards (52)
add sentiments of sunny thoughts
support for someone who is going through a difficult time.

We will make a box to hold the cards
This is a great gift for yourself, a friend or family member.

Here's my original set of cards

The box, will have several stencils for you to use.

This class will be limited in size due to the amount of space each person will need.

We will gesso both sides of all the cards in the first hour.
The second hour will be spent adding color to the cards.
The final two hours will be spent stamping and decorating the cards, 
adding sentiments and making the box.
When you register for the class you will receive 
a package of sentiments on card stock.
You will need to select at least 52 sentiments and cut them out at home.
put them in a baggie and bring to class. (more is OK)
If you are unable to pick up the word package 
I can email you the Word document and you can print it off at home.

I have the room reserved for a 5 hour block so that you can take a break when needed.
I recommend bring a sack lunch, snacks and beverages of your choice.

Here is a list of supplies needed for this class

pallet knife (available for purchase at Scraps Galore)

I find this is the best way to glue onto the gesso/painted surface
Matt medium or glossy accents
(available for purchase at Scraps Galore)
small bottle .5 oz
I put a fine tip applicator on mine for better control
(available for purchase at Scraps Galore)
Dina Wakley Media Fine Tip Applicator

score tape or red liner tape for the box assembly
(available for purchase at Scraps Galore)

bone folder
baby wipes
apron and/or old clothing

I used the following for embellishing/doodling 
after the cards have dried at least 24 hours
If you do it sooner you will ruin your pens
black paint pen
sharpie ultra fine
Fude Ball pens
gold & white uni-ball
all of the above pens are available for purchase at Scraps Galore

If you are interested in attending this class, (kits will not be available)
please call 858-1080 today.
Class size will be limited.
Any questions please feel free to email me,

Thanks for looking, Susan *Ü*

Here are some Blue Sky cards I have been making for a friend

and here are some of the "Snarky Edition"
cards I have been making for myself!
Thank you Dyan Reaveley!

So much fun and very addictive!


  1. I am looking forward to this class Susan!! Thanks for coming up with such a fun idea.

    1. Thanks Chanda, I'm so glad you are able to attend. These cards are seriously addictive!