Sunday, November 27, 2011

Updates ... 11/27/2011

I was quite surprised when I found out that many of you had not received Nancy's email, just ask her to put you on her list and you will be able to stay up to date ...

Here is the email that Nancy sent on 11/21.
Dear Stampers,
The morning of Wednesday, Nov 9th, I was awakened with a call that there was a fire upstairs at the store. I immediately dressed and drove down. 4th street was blocked off and the closest I was allowed to get was the parking lot at Samons. I was frantic about Binx, but not allowed to go in search of him. A fireman did find him and bring him out to me. Binx is looking good again and is still a very sweet cat in spite of the trauma.
The fire burned the upstairs that I have in the back of the building; it also extends over the back of the bakery.
The store has extensive smoke and water damage, as does the bakery. Partyline Florist and the antique store had a significant amount of smoke, but, fortunately, no fire or water damage. Cheryl has pictures on the blog if you'd like to check it out:
This has really renewed my faith in human nature. Everyone- policemen, firemen, investigators, insurance people, the restoration people, and you - my friends and customers, have all been empathetic, compassionate, helpful - just generally wonderful. Thank you.
The contractors hope to get started tomorrow; they have made CP2 a priority. The entire ceiling has to be pulled down and replaced, plus the walls need painting. I'm assured it will all be better than new. The firemen said that it was lucky that it was such an old building because it was so well built with concrete fire walls that prevented it spreading and very heavy beams that didn't burn all the way through!
I hope that I can reopen by the first of the year. BUT, I will not be sitting around eating bon-bons all the time! 
We are continuing classes, using the community room at Harwood Methodist Church. While I have to suspend my Wednesday card classes, Scraps Galore has agreed to host our Tuesday ladies' Paper Play on Wednesdays at 10:30am for the duration (another example of the kindness I've been shown).
MARK DECEMBER 11th on your calendars. That afternoon from 1 until 5, we'll celebrate the introduction of the 2012 Hero Arts catalog at Partyline Florist, 4200 4th St. There will be refreshments, Make & Takes, and the opportunity to buy some of the new products. I hope to see you soon. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Nancy Y
I hope to see you all on the 11th, I'm hoping to get a sneak peak on line, so I will know what I'm ordering ... haha!
I spoke with Elaine yesterday and she sounds wonderful and she is at home! Sherry is staying with her until support is in place with home health aides. She said it would probably be a couple of weeks before she can come back to class, but misses you all and can't wait to return.
I also spoke with Nancy Bruce who has a case of the yiks, she has been down with it for more than a week now, but was able to get out of the house for a little bit on Friday, so she thinks she's on the mend. We hope so Nancy, and if not GO SEE THE DOCTOR! *Ü*
Then I spoke with Bill, Sammie's husband and she's not doing well. She has been in bed since before the holiday. Hospice is keeping her comfortable. Their son and daughter in law were able to make the trip from San Antonio for Thanksgiving, and I hope that was a comfort to both Bill & Sammie.
Finally, did you need a cup o joe to make it through this novel ...
I would like to have our annual holiday luncheon and card exchange on a Tuesday with the hope that those people who have conflicts with Wednesday can make it on Tuesday, after all we are like a family ... maybe Nancy Y can join us for once, wouldn't that be fun!
So please leave a comment, I'm just going to throw a date out there, if this doesn't work tell me what will and majority rules! Tuesday, December 20, remember leave a comment so I have them all in one place, thanks!
Off to make smoked turkey enchilada's ... our traditional leftovers meal ... see you soon.


  1. Angela is coming in that morning for the Holidays and IT IS MY BIRTHDAY !!!!! I would love for all of you to help me celebrate !!!!
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving !! See you Wednesday !!
    Liane :-)

  2. I can make it on the 20th; but it's getting close to Christmas, and I'm open to the previous week, as well. We won't be able to get everyone no matter what day.
    Sue R.

  3. The 20th is OK with me. Let me know as soon as possible so I won't schedule any thing for that day. I am usually off on tuesday, but since we have not been going to CP2 for classes I have been working. I schedule 1-2 weeks out, so let me know what the majority decides. Linda A.

  4. I can do the 20th, just let me know. It would be nice to see everyone. Thanks for the update on everyone. Caryl Ann

  5. I should be able to do the 20th...sounds like fun...Hope to see everyone..Thanks for thee call checking on me Susan, it was really nice to have you call!!, Nancy Bruce

  6. I should be able to be there on the 20th, however the week before would be better for me. Thanks! Sherry J.