Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sammie Oaks

Today we lost a friend, and it saddens my heart but I am grateful Sammie's suffering is over. There were many times she would tell me that she was ready and to be happy for her when she passes. I know she told many of you the same thing. She is finally at peace.

Sammie joined the Tuesday China Phoenix 2 class several years ago, brought there by her good friend Elizabeth Forbes. One thing I learned quickly was that she was meticulous, as I learned this about Sammie I would always be sure to cut extra paper as her stamping had to be perfect. We would laugh about this as she would ask me for another piece of card stock. The cards Sammie made for our monthly celebration were works of art, every detail carefully executed. Her eye for color was amazing. I soon found out that she was a fiber artist and paper was a fairly new medium for her.
She was a very talented artist.

Sammie has touched so many of our lives and will remain in our hearts.
 So at Sammie's request, be happy for her.
Take a moment and think back to a happy encounter with this incredible woman.
Here's to you Sammie!


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