Sunday, June 24, 2012

6/26/2012 class @CP2

Today we will be celebrating Evelyn & Caryl Ann's birthdays!
I can't believe this is the last Tuesday of June ...
My husband is on his way home, hip hip hooray!
The puppy continues to be a challenge, I think I'm just too darn old for this!

Anyway, onto this weeks card. We will be using the new Ranger Patina Paints, I think there are a lot of possibilities here, beautiful colors, opaque and bendable.
We will also be using a embossed resist technique on the other half of the card.
It's a two for one day, new product and a technique, woo hoo!
Along with your regular class kit please bring if you have it
Paint brush (approx 1/2")
non stick craft sheet
sanding block
Enjoy the rest of your day and see you on Tuesday.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

6/19/2012 class @CP2

How can something so small and innocent create such havoc in our household?
 Yes my son rescued this puppy from a rest stop in Las Vegas, NM.
He is the sweetest little thing, but there is definitely a learning curve for Alex and Ace.
I just hope I have the strength and patients to make it through it!

Now on to the real reason you are here ... Tuesdays card!
The technique is called seamless tiers and I think their are many possibilities here.
I made several already!

You will definitely need to edge this card so make sure you
bring a pen or black ink pad.
Also include in your kit
temporary adhesive
foam tape or pop dots
stamping foam/pad
I used chalks to add color, if you prefer something else bring it along!

Monday, June 11, 2012

June Birthday's at CP2

On June 26 we will celebrate Evelyn and Caryl Ann's birthday.

Tuesday at CP2 Birthday group

The members of the Tuesday class at China Phoenix 2 have been celebrating each others birthdays for some time now.
The requirements are to attend class on a frequent basis (it wouldn't be fair to just show up on your birthday month, now would it!) and when we celebrate that month's birthdays bring a card for those birthday folks. Usually a hand made card but any would be acceptable.
When your birthday comes around you will receive cards from the rest of the group.
We also celebrate with baked goodies, which our in house extraordinary baker,
Renee delights us with each month!

So I figured it was time to post the monthly birthdays



Sue R

Nancy Y


Carly Ann



Susan K

Nancy B



If I have left anyone out or got your birth month wrong, please let me know!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

6/12/2012 class @CP2

Good morning ... life is good,
we have functioning swamp coolers and
 starting to count down when Evan comes home ... 2 weeks!

On to this weeks class ... today we are making faux washi tape. This translucent masking tape from Japan can be quite pricey, plus each color/pattern is cuter than the next, needless to say I couldn't make a decision and I couldn't have them all! Many American companies have begun producing similar products and we have used Tim's tissue tape which is just one of many.
So I began exploring the web and found two different tutorials. Well today we are going with the simpler one just to get a feel for it!

This is the card we will be making ...
Wait till you see how easy it is , haha!

So now I have all these scrap pieces on my desk that I was playing with,
so I made this card for my Father in Law, it's in the mail, but you get the idea.

And yes the center piece is crooked,
 didn't notice it until I went to adhere it, believe me he will never notice!
Just hope he finds it funny!

Today's class kit, just the usual stuff. We are working with distress inks and our foam blending tools so if you would like to bring yours and your favorite color inks you won't have to wait on mine!
Enjoy the day!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

6/5/2012 class @CP2

I'm back ... there's no place like home!

Almost 2 week since I've had inky fingers, trying to get back into the groove!
Today we will be stamping with distress stains going for that water color look.
 I tried two different color combo's, today we will have choices, each card will be unique.

Along with your usual class kit make sure to bring your craft sheet and black edger.