Sunday, March 10, 2013

More News

apologize to all of you that I didn't get this information out to, including the loss of Glenn Frey.

Many of you know long time friend Barbara Goldsmith from many classes over the years, 
She has lost someone very near and dear to her, more information can be seen here.
If any one is need need of her address email me.

I also received this from a neighbor of Sylvia Brozic, I have emailed her back and if I receive any more information I will share it.

"Your friend and card member, Sylvia Brozic, has passed away. She had a heart attack on February 11, 2013. She went quickly after a short illness. My husband was taking her to an eye appointment and stopped breathing. He rushed her to the closest Lovelace urgent care on Ladera where she was revived. She had a few more episodes and was taken to the emergency room at Lovelace downtown. She had another episode there and the doctors tried to revive her for 15 minutes but couldn't bring our friend back. She died at 4:00 p.m.
As per her wishes, she will be cremated in the next few days and buried at Sunset Memorial. We don’t have an exact date but it will be in the newspaper soon. We plan on having a memorial for her there.
She left my husband, Michael and I as her Trustees. We lived across the street from her for the last 11 years. She had no family she spoke about, but always considered us and our family as her own.
We are also planning an Estate Sell at the end of this month and the beginning of April. Sylvia has a tremendous amount of crafts! I figure 3 rooms full and a garage full. While going through some her paper work I found the list of her Card Club friends and thought I would let you know of her passing. I think she would want you to know about the many craft items that will be available soon.
My prayers are with you all."

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