Saturday, March 15, 2014

3/18/2014 class @CP2

Today we'll be celebrating Sue and Jeri's birthdays,
come join the fun!
Today's card I thought would be a quickie with some new stamps
 I purchased at the convention.
Well now I have a lovely set of 5 cards to add to my collection.
After not being happy with the third or fourth card,
I rewatched a youtube video from Rubbernecker,
ah ha, that's what I was doing wrong, 
anyway you'll hear all about it on Tuesday.
We'll be doing the acrylic block stamping in the background,
and these lovely watercolor tulips.

Please bring your basic class kit
non stick craft sheet
water brush 
spray bottle with water
edger (I used black here)

That should do it, see you Tuesday.
Susan *Ü*

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