Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Handmade Gifts 1/24/2015

Before the holidays I put it out there for you to give me suggestions
 of what you would like to do in this class. 
Here is the first suggestion I received.
A perpetual flip calendar.
This is the prototype,
 I am in the process of refining a few hiccups that I encountered along the way.
But you will get the idea.
Guess what paper I used for this sample, yup Echo Park!
This class will be Saturday January 24 at 10:30 am
cost is $15.

This class will be slightly different from my other classes because
 I want you to pick the paper that you will use in your project.
So stop by Scraps Galore, register for the class
 and pick one or two coordinating pieces of card stock.
I used one pattern for the base and one for the calendar.
Please keep in mind that we will be stamping on the calendar pieces
 so your paper must be able to show the stamping.
Give your selection to whomever is working they will bag it with your name and leave it for me.
If I have any questions I will call you, (so make sure I have a phone number)
Not sure what paper you want, I will be glad to help you pick out the perfect paper.
Whew! So all these choices need to be made by Saturday January 17
 so I can take it home and prep your kit.

Seriously if you have any questions, leave your name and number at the store and I will call you,
or email me at suekapp@comcast.net.

Call Scraps Galore today to reserve your spot
858 1080

Update: Version 2.0
I worked out some of the issues I ran into with the first sample.
Now we're good to go!
Same applies as above, pick your own paper!

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