Monday, April 30, 2012

5/1/2012 class at CP2

My mojo has left the building ... if found please return!
I had such high hopes for this week but I got hit with congestion, first thought it was allergies, but it's this yucky head cold, not sleeping well and that makes me cranky!
Anyway here's what we will be doing tomorrow, Tim's Alcohol Ink Agates.
This one uses gold mixative ...

This one uses picket fence ... 

Bring the usual class kit including your edging pens and a ink applicator handle if you have one.
BTW we will celebrate Lottie's birthday on the 15th!

Monday, April 23, 2012

4/24/2012 class at CP2

Have I got a story to tell you ...
going to have to wait till tomorrow, I have so much to do and not enough time ...
story of my life, haha. OK here's a teaser, Murphy's Law was in full force on the flight home!

Tomorrow's card
Make sure you have included in your class kit
foam tape or dots
black edging pen

thats all folks enjoy this beautiful day and see you tomorrow!

Monday, April 16, 2012

4/17/2012 class @CP2

Today's card will feature Tim's Archival Resist technique for the focal piece.
The background is blended distress with a light stamping to give it some variation.
bring the usual class kit including your non stick craft sheet
Today we will also be celebrating Nancy Yoshimoto's birthday!

still an adventure ...

still not home, but it's looking good, they are starting to board the plan ... there is no place like home, do you hear my ruby slippers clicking

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Give me a NY blizzard any day!

OK, so I know it's Sunday and I should be posting this weeks sample, but I am in Wichita, Kansas and the sample is on my home computer. I cannot wait to get back to Albuquerque!! I do not plan on coming back anytime soon! Arrival was uneventful despite the warnings from everyone you spoke to, Kansas was in for some rough weather, lol! It was a beautiful sunny day when Evan picked me up from the airport. I had Saturday all planned out, to visit two local craft stores here. Saturday I woke up to overcast skies & wind. Turn on the TV and there are tornado warnings. Decided to scrap my plans to shop when they said that there was a 90% chance of a tornado hitting Wichita, I was staying right here on base. There was talk of cancelling the awards ceremony which is why I was here! So the day was spent watching & waiting. Fortunately our unit was a tornado safe shelter, in the bathroom. Of course the estimated arrival of the tornado kept changing. The commander decided we had time to hold the banquet which was downtown at the Hyatt. So several hundred people arrived in their mess dress uniforms and spouses in their finest. It was so weird being closed off from the world in one of the ballrooms, of course many people had their cell phones under the table keeping up on things. Colonel Mason began the proceedings by saying they were going to move quickly so everyone could get out of there which he did.
We drive back to base just as the rains begin and the sirens start blaring, get out of our party clothes and start packing everything. Fill the bathroom with essentials and are glued to the TV. It was amazing how they were tracking the eye of the tornado, and estimating when it would hit. Of course one minute it's heading directly towards the base, then it shifts and barely misses the base, then back on track for the base. You get the picture! Then the TV would go black and a message would state that the tornado is on base and to take cover. Then the news, that it shifted slightly. This went on for about an hour, the longest hour of my life!
Anyway, the tornado shifted slightly, did not hit base but was so close that the road leading to base was closed this morning. Now I hope our flight is able to take off, get me out of Kansas!
Well, the plan is to see you all Tuesday, will try to remember to post sample tomorrow, if I forget you will have to forgive me,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Q&E cards @ Scraps Galore 4/21/2012

I can't believe it almost the middle of April already ...
this month is flying by!
My apologies for taking so long to post these samples.
Without further ta do here they are.

As always the samples can also be seen at the store.
Call 858 1080 to reserve your spot in this class.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

4/10/2012 class @CP2

This week we will do the card from last week, 
click on link to see sample and supplies needed!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

4/3/2012 class @CP2

is cancelled ...
due to our crazy Albuquerque weather!
and it's still coming down and the mountains are nowhere in sight!
Stay warm and enjoy your snow day!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

4/3/2012 class @CP2

Good morning everyone ... another beautiful day in Albuquerque!
I'm almost finished with the cards for April 21st Quick and Easy class, so we may have two posts today!

On to Tuesday's class at CP2. As most of you know I love all things from the fabulous Mr. Holtz, aka Timbo to his friends,hehe ... and I have been taking his online class, which by the way is wonderful!
Of course I'm behind in the lessons, but that's the beauty of this is I have access forever, so as I work my way through the lessons on tags for future reference, I am also making a card for class.
This card combines two techniques from day 2 of Creative Chemistry 101 ...
Blended Distress/spritz & flick
Brushless Water coloring
So for today's class kit please include;
craft mat
foam & handles
vintage photo or tea dye
(also used ... festive berry, broken china, mustard seed,barn door,dried marigold & peeled paint)

April Birthdays
according to my records the only April birthday is Nancy Y on the 19th,
so we will celebrate on the 17th!
This gives you plenty of time to make a special card for a very special person!